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My voice is in the best shape it’s ever been in, thanks to Alexa! From audition prep, to long show maintenance strategies, Alexa shares her specialized tools with ease, grace, and excitement! I feel more in control of my voice; I have more stability and security in my technique, and this leaves me able to have more fun while singing! Alexa is the most supportive, skilled, and caring voice teacher I have had the pleasure of working with, and she has made me a more confident performer! 



My hour-long private lesson with Alexa is a highlight of my week. Her teaching studio is a perfect mix of professional and cozy. I'm hearing impaired, so virtual calls are a challenge for me - I'm  thankful that Alexa holds a physical space in her life to share this work with her students. 


I am new to singing lessons, and I didn't think I'd have much range. Every new exercise we do together results in a shared celebration: I'm surprised and delighted by each new skill Alexa helps me unlock, and she's ALWAYS enthusiastically proud of me! Every student deserves a teacher who celebrates their successes so genuinely. 


While she is joyful with me, Alexa is also professional: She takes our goals seriously, and she respects my time. Start time is prompt, and we spend the whole lesson hard at work.


I take tickets at a local improv theater on the weekends. When I mentioned to some of the performers that I've started taking classes with Alexa, several of them 1. knew her as an instructor/performer from various contexts in the theater scene 2. emphatically agreed she's a skillful teacher and a wonderful person.


I recommend Alexa every chance I get. These lessons will make you so happy!

HannahP_fullsize-2 headshot.jpg


Working with Alexa has been so wonderful. I came to her to get back to my technique and help with vocal fatigue. I have gained so much knowledge on keeping my voice healthy and versatile all while keeping its strength and power. She is incredibly kind in her teaching approach and always helps builds up my confidence in my voice. So grateful for her! 



One of the best things I did for myself as a vocalist was study with Alexa. I have learned to love and lean into my head voice. Alexa helped me to strengthen my head voice especially around my vocals breaks and has helped to not only understand what notes sound like but recognize how your voice should feel when transitioning between registers. The goal is one voice from top to bottom with little to no tension. 

Solar_Samantha (Headshot).jpg


One of my friends recommended Alexa Wilder Voice Studio to me, and I am so grateful she did!


I’m a well-seasoned performer with a musical background, but I wanted some fine tuning in my vocal technique and audition skills. Alexa has helped me regain confidence in my voice, and I’ve had breakthroughs and “aha!” moments during plateaus and roadblocks in a song, thanks to her guidance.


After years of thinking “Maybe I just can’t belt/mix”, “Maybe I don’t have the right voice for musical theater” and other limiting beliefs, Alexa has proven that these were just all in my head. Her various vocal warmups and reasonings behind each of them have helped me achieve healthy placement and understand how things should feel when done properly. I now have a healthier and more resonated mixed belt, without strain!


 Some teachers I’ve had in the past would use “tough love” when I wasn’t picking up a technique or improving fast enough for their liking, and I would feel a sense of shame.

I’m so happy to find a vocal coach like Alexa who is enthusiastic, encouraging, and patient! Instead of belaboring on something that isn’t working, she knows how to pivot and try another method. She understands that everyone is unique with their own sets of skills and challenges and knows how to cater to each of her students’ needs.


I always leave Alexa’s studio feeling wiser, more prepared, and more excited for upcoming auditions, instead of dreading them.



 I cannot recommend Alexa Wilder enough! She is such a lovely human being and a cheerleader to all her students!



When you look for a safe space to enter as a vocalist, sometimes it’s hard to know where you should go.  When I moved to Philly and I was recommended to Alexa and I didn't know what to expect.  From day after our first session one however I knew I made the right choice.  Alexa will go at your pace and comfortable selection however in the same token will provide excellent feedback to help you improve.  As a talented vocalist in her own right, she knows what to look for as far as proper technique and and how to get the most out of your sound.  I’d recommend her to anyone looking!



After years away from formal voice lessons, I was ready to hone my vocal technique and was in search of a voice teacher. I am so glad a friend referred me to Alexa. In the short time we have worked together, Alexa's instruction has helped me to explore a wide range of vocal styles with the proper technique for sustaining a healthy voice. Before starting lessons, I mainly sang in my soprano comfort zone, high above my vocal break. After several months working with Alexa, I am having so much fun singing "belty" songs I would never have touched before! I am very excited to continue on this journey of discovering all that my voice can do with Alexa. 



After not singing for several years I had begun to feel uncomfortable in my own voice. Alexa not only helped me rediscover what I thought I had lost but gave me tools that led me toward a richer sound than I ever knew I could create. She teaches students the mechanics and anatomy of voice work in a comprehensive and fun way. Alexa uses her boundless empathy to create a safe space to play and make mistakes. Working with Alexa you will laugh, you will learn, and you will undoubtedly unlock your full potential as a vocalist. 



I really enjoy getting to work one on one with Alexa. She knows exactly what to get out of my voice and how to approach it in a way that makes it feel easy to do so. Alexa is also flexible and affordable and has made the act of taking voice lessons much more accessible! Voice lessons have helped me gain comfort in both myself and my abilities, I feel I can not only execute the songs we have worked on, but I can also apply what I have learned in my lessons to any new song and not get worked up or nervous because of these new found tools in my vocal tool belt! I feel I have greatly benefited from the personal, intimate lesson environment that Alexa offers in her studio, but I also appreciated the opportunity to work together remotely if anything comes up. Alexa has also been very flexible and communicative with scheduling, which makes navigating a busy schedule and still working on my voice easy and stress free.


Bella, 13

I started to take lessons with Alexa because I felt like I was losing my confidence and I was trying to find it again. Alexa makes me feel very comfortable. If you feel like you can't do something she is very encouraging. I always end up reaching a new goal with her.

Tyler Pugh.jpeg


Alexa gives me a nice mix of vocal warm-ups and allows me to work on songs that I need to perform.  She always gives feedback in an encouraging and motivating way. I feel that I've gained more range and confidence as a singer which has helped me sing well in many performances. The virtual lessons have worked great for me!


Annalise, 9

Annalise showed a love for singing and music at an early age. During quarantine, she was lost without a music class, so we found Alexa, and have never looked back. We love that Alexa does virtual lessons that make it easy to get to and set up. Annalise looks forward to every lesson, and has really grown in using her vocal instrument. Her confidence has also grown exponentially since she started lessons with Alexa. She has been able to audition for multiple parts due to this boost in confidence and she frequently asks her teachers at school if she can sing a song she’s been working on for her class. Alexa is also able to go with the flow, especially since Annalise can be picky with what she wants to sing. In Annalise’s own words: “I love having Miss Alexa as a voice teacher. I can’t wait to learn even more. I feel like I’ve grown a lot since I started voice lessons almost 3 years ago. Virtual lessons make it easy for me to get ready, pull up a track, and choose my song. Miss Alexa is so nice and really encouraging. Thank you for being my teacher!” 

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